Our vehicle seats probably see more use than any other seat we own, so your car’s interior is bound to see some damage sooner or later. We can help maintain and repair your car seats’ fabrics and structure. Tears, stains, fading, whatever it may be; it is as good as gone when you choose us. Stitch Upholstery’s automotive upholstery repair team is prepared with techniques for any car or truck.

We work on several parts of the car which include tops for convertibles, door panels, seats, carpeting, and more. Additionally, our upholstery experts can work with leather, vinyl, and fabrics of all types.

Should you find yourself in the need to replace or repair your car’s interior, we can help. Our experts are experienced in all makes and models of automobiles. Toyota, Honda, BMW, Jeep; whatever vehicle you have we can take care of it. If you are looking for new seating designs, we can help you with our expert design tips and advice. Let us aid you in your design process so that everything is perfectly how you imagined it. If you have a color scheme pre-chosen, such as the exterior paint job, we can match it and even choose complimentary colors.

We also provide our auto upholstery services to motorcycles, mopeds, four-wheelers, and other auxiliary vehicles. We have a multitude of seating and panel design options. Give us as many details about your upholstery idea as you would like. We want to provide precise and accurate service to you and your vehicle.

Our business strives on the fact that our auto upholstery repairs are the best in Arizona. We offer great services that are both fast and efficient. Our cost-effective approach is what keeps our customer coming back to save money and have a pleasant and sufficient experience with us.

We offer many auto upholstery services including both repairing, replacing, and installing new upholstery. Should you have damages to your vehicle’s interior ranging from cuts to cigarette burns to completely gutted seat cushions and broken seats, our auto upholstery specialists are capable of repairing even the worst damage to your vehicle’s interior. If you are looking for new upholstery, we can remove your car’s upholstery and install a customer seat upholstery design.

The interior of your car can easily get damaged due to the constant wear and tear. If your vehicle’s interior is stained, ripped or have cigarette burns, just to name a few, our repair technicians can fix the seat upholstery to like-new condition. Unique designs that reflect your personal style is what you can expect with our custom vehicle upholstery options. Our team is trained to work with you and help you make the correct and most beneficial choices for your automobile upholstery.


Your home is your castle, and your castle is a representation of you. Therefore, you want your house to look beautiful and be welcoming to guests when they enter. If you have beautiful carpets, fresh wallpaper, and polished hardwood floorings, your furniture should complement these elements. Our amazing upholstery repair and replacement services are excellent for home dwellings. Custom upholstery is perfect for maximizing the coziness and ambiance of your house and giving it an appearance of value. Decorate your house with top designer upholstery at an affordable price.

If your home contains furniture that has become old, damaged, or broken our upholstery repair services will spruce it right back to its golden days. Faded coloring is no problem for our upholstery designers. They can use their expert techniques to remove stains and discolor, refinishing your furniture’s fabrics and material to like new condition. We pay extra attention to detail which includes polishing up trim and adding detail décor on your furniture to go that extra mile and make it as stylish as you want.

We offer custom designed sofas, ottomans, loveseats, recliners, and much more furniture. Our designer upholstery selection is vast and is sure to have whatever you need to fit your style and theme. If you have something more specific in mind, our designers can aid you in custom-fitting your new furniture to your taste. We also take custom designs and patterns and apply to select fabrics making the upholstery yours exclusively yours. Put your signature or initials on pillows or make up your creative pattern to put on your couches; the limit is your imagination, and you are in complete control.

Stitch Upholstery is a company serving the greater Phoenix area including Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Tempe, Peoria, and Glendale. Our experts have years of experience in the professional re-upholstery of interior and exterior furniture. By using the most effective methods, we ensure that the structure of your furniture remains intact when we remove and install its coverings.
This level of expertise and detail has set us apart from our competitors and granted us a reputation for excellence that has resulted in our customers referring their family, friends, and neighbors.


A TV room, lounge, meeting room, game room, whatever you use it for; you may be faced with damages to your upholstery. Our outstanding upholstery repair and replacement services are perfect for your business’ employee or guest lounging utilities. Stitch Upholstery trains our designers to meet any request and match any design adding ambiance to your offices with the top-of-the-line upholstery designs. Our interior commercial design team can aid in balancing and stylizing your office space into a cozy and comfortable environment for your workers and clients.

Particularly in the case of a hotel, restaurant, or similar business that contains a lobby for clients, you will see your upholstery wear and tear. Damages to upholstery in businesses are just as likely as in homes (sometimes more so.) Unfortunately, the majority of people in this world do not treat other people’s property as their own and often don’t show the same care for it. Don’t worry; we are here to help. Our expert design team can repair and replace furniture coverings at a competitive price and keep your office space looking fresh and welcoming.

Our vast selection of designer upholstery is certain to have what you want for your business. Everything we work on is with extra care to details and finesse. Our upholstery design experts can provide you with advice on matching your current office theme; they have much experience with interior design and can help you make the perfect upholstery choice. Should you have a vision for your business or already have an established style, we offer an extremely customizable option for upholstery purchase. Feel free to tell our designers your ideas so they can make the required notations and have your furniture constructed to your taste. We also allow personal design submissions if you have a business logo or signature you would like to include in the upholstery’s design. We also make custom patterns and can have your entire furniture match with your current layout.

Stitch Upholstery prides itself on being an affordable option for the greater Phoenix area when it comes to upholstery replacement and installation for commercial properties. Our company has worked with several business owners in our areas of operation which include Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Tempe, Peoria, and Glendale. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your commercial upholstery needs.

Our commercial upholstery repair team is trained to perform minor touch-ups on the spot. They can make professional judgements as to required services and how to efficiently carry them out. From missing or broken casters on office chairs to replacing the padding and covering of your favorite office chair, Stitch Upholstery is here to help with all of your office equipment needs.


we offer various boat upholstery repair, upholstery installation and upholstery kit installation services. If you are a proud owner of a boat, whether it is a yacht, motor boat, Jet Ski, or any other marine type vessel, we can provide the best upholstery services to you for your property. Let us keep your watercraft looking vibrant and new while you enjoy your time out on the lake!

Cruise ships host many people, and with many people come a high chance of accidents. Your upholstery is bound to take a hit or two during its time of service. That is why we offer our aid in repairing them and, when necessary, replacing so that you can focus on more important matters.

Yachts are not as large as cruise ships, but they are still capable of housing guests and even serving as living quarters for a person or two. The more usage the yacht sees the more likely something will damage its upholstery. Our boat upholstery repair and replacement services cover your lavish yacht as well.

Stitch Upholstery offers the best in marine and boat upholstery repair services. Our experts are dedicated to making your heavily invested boat look the part. Boats are not cheap, so shouldn’t your furnishings on your boat reflect the money and effort you put into it?

We can help by maintaining and repairing cracked seats, peeling canvases and panels, and reapplying carpeting. In the case of larger ships such as yachts, we can repair all of your luxurious upholsteries throughout your boat and maintain its regal appeal.

Fun in the sun on your boat can take a serious toll on your watercraft’s canvas. Your boat canvas serves many purposes from shading you to protecting your supplies and from splashes, just to name a few. Time and time again they will take some damage; they may begin coming off of the boat frame, or might get torn or poked a couple of times. Our experts excel at upholstery repairs, including boat canvases, and have an extensive assortment of available materials that we can use to either match your current canvas or offer a better alternative.